In a race with the DEA and pursued by rogue CIA agents, Eddie has one last shot at redemption.


About Mike

Mike is the author of Defiled, which became an Amazon bestseller, The Undiscovered Country, which won the Beverly Hills Book Award for Southern Fiction and the Augusta Literary Festival's Frank Yerby Award for Fiction, and Parker's Choice, which has won a Firebird Award for Thrillers, and American Fiction Awards for Romantic Mystery and Diverse & Multicultural Mystery. Creative Loafing named Mike Atlanta’s Best Local Author for 2018.

The recurring them of Mike's novels is that morality and legality are two different things. The stories are romances tucked inside mysteries.

About the Book

A disgraced detective, haunted by his mistake in Vietnam, goes undercover to investigate opioid deaths at a luxury condo complex. In a race with the DEA and pursued by the CIA, Eddie has one last shot at redemption. Or is it one last chance for love?

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  • Creative Loafing names Mike Nemeth Atlanta’s Best Local Author
  • Parker's Choice wins a Firebird Award for Thrillers and two American Fiction Awards.
  • The Undiscovered Country won the Frank Yerby Award for fiction at the Augusta Literary Festival.

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