A Tissue of Lies

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Published by: Nemo Writes, LLC
Release Date: April 13, 2024
Pages: 258
ISBN13: 979-8869318114



At a time when political leaders were brazenly assassinated, inalienable civil rights had to be guaranteed by legislation, race riots disfigured the American landscape, and a controversial war shaped social consciousness, the blue collar Kovacs family struggled to achieve the American Dream. In 1966, fifteen-year-old Eddie, the neglected middle child, harbored a dream that strained the family’s limited resources and sparked a contentious relationship with Dad. Danny, the eldest son, dreamt of becoming a professional baseball player, a dream Dad vowed to make come true at any cost. Mom wanted to escape her hand-to-mouth existence and was not above deceit to achieve her goal. When Danny received his draft notice, everyone’s dreams evaporated like ice cubes in the Nevada desert. During that fateful summer, Eddie, with the help of his rebellious friend, Marcy, discovered Danny’s explosive secret, unraveled Mom’s buried lies, and uncovered Dad’s underhanded tactics to rescue Danny’s career. In a vain attempt to win Dad’s approval, Eddie contrived a risky scheme to evade the draft and restore his brother’s dream. Eddie had no idea how his ploy would change his and his family’s lives forever.


"An engrossing story of a kid deciphering the fine line between right and wrong. Eddie is a complex anti-hero: not as holy as he thinks, but capable of deep feeling, rendered in lyrical prose. Readers will root for his crooked search for a compromised goodness."
-Kirkus Indie Reviews