The Two Lives of Eddie Kovacs

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Published by: DartFrog Plus
Release Date: October 25, 2022
Pages: 306
ISBN13: 978-1956019995



When is the right thing the wrong thing to do?

Eddie Kovacs is haunted by a colossal blunder that led to the unsolved murder of his investigative partner in Vietnam and is tormented by his unceremonious dismissal from his position as a DA’s investigator. The sheriff of Chatham County, Georgia (Savannah and Tybee Island) offers him one last shot at redemption: Find a drug dealer before the DEA exposes the scandal that would dash the sheriff’s political ambitions.

After his Army discharge, Eddie had changed his name to elude vengeful CIA agents. Now he reverts to his birth identity only to find that his pursuers have remained vigilant for fifty years. In a race with the DEA and hunted by rogue CIA contractors, Eddie lays a trap for his suspect and what he discovers sets his moral compass spinning like a top. Eddie’s love for a resident collides with his quest for redemption, and his sense of duty as a lawman as he solves his last case.

Propelled by two related murder cases, separated by decades, The Two Lives of Eddie Kovacs is, at its heart, a provocative and suspenseful love story. Fans of Paula Hawkins and Jodi Picoult will enjoy Nemeth’s exploration of unexpiated guilt, the definition of personal freedom, and the unbreakable connection between the past and the present.