Welcome to My New Site!

Welcome to the new Mike Nemeth Website and to the Nemowrites blog. Take a spin around the various pages of the site and spend a moment, please, reading about Defiled, the first installment of the Redeemed Trilogy. The second installment, which I call Absolved, is nearly complete so have a look at Defiled now to stay ahead of me. The third installment, Redeemed, is currently a set of ideas spinning around my brain. 

Nemowrites, the blog, will be the place where I can air my many unconventional opinions about everything from politics to sports to religion to mental healthcare to healthcare for the aged, and everything else that could use some fresh thought in America. This is not a blog about the craft of writing; there are lots of good ones out there. The tag line for my books is: Prescriptions for social ills disguised as suspense novels. The tag line for the blog could be: Undisguised and unvarnished opinions about social ills. 

Hope you enjoy both the novels and the blog posts.


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